Where to Scatter Ashes - Sedona Company Has Answers

Sedona Offers a Blessed Surrounding to Scatter Ashes to the Heavenly Winds

Sedona, AZ, February 06, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Robert John, owner of Ashes to the Winds of Sedona, knows a lot about scattering ashes, because he does it for a living.

People can scattering ashes on private property in all 50 states. Federal, state or local land may have rules that restrict scattering ceremonies. To get a comprehensive understanding of the applicable laws, the best source to consult is the local funeral home director. Most directors are familiar with the regulations and are glad to help. They can also provide suggestions about the best ways to scatter ashes and to make the ceremony more memorable.

When families and friends live nearby, scattering of ashes is generally a private memorial attended by loved ones of the deceased. Pre-planners leave directives where they want their ashes scattered, while others see ash scatterings as an environmental statement. For them, “it’s the green way to go.” The creative ways people scatter ashes is unlimited.

However, as our society has become more mobile and families relocate around the US, the responsibility for the final arrangements of a deceased is becoming the job of an unsuspecting relative or friend.

“Some people don’t know what to do and are turning to the internet, they’re looking online for an answer” says Robert John, of Ashes to the Winds of Sedona. “Our company brings closure to mourning families by conducting a dignified ash scattering memorial, surrounded by the spiritual red rocks mountains of Sedona, AZ,” John says.

Sedona is known worldwide for its serene beauty and its spiritual nature. As one of God’s most beautiful places on earth, Sedona offers a blessed surrounding to scatter ashes to the heavenly winds.

Professional services available online such as ashes to the wind.com of Sedona, that are properly insured and licensed, bring comfort to grieving family and friends in knowing the ashes will be treated with respect and scattered in accordance with federal and state laws.

As increasing number of people are using ash scattering services together with Online Memorials and networking sites, blogs and Facebook, as ways of showing love and respect for the deceased. Online Memorials are a relatively new, but are rapidly becoming a culturally accepted way of connecting and sharing thoughts, pictures and videos of the departed.

Ashes to the Winds of Sedona, furnishes a commemorative certificate documenting the time and date when the loved one’s ashes were scattered and GPS co-ordinances so future memorials may be held in the exact same location. Also pet memorials services are available and performed with the same respect and dignity provided for any soul who has lived and been loved by us.

For more information on ash scatterings, visit ashestothewind.com
Ashes to the Winds of Sedona
Robert John