CES Group Global Launches Business Solutions for Evolving Marketplace

CES Group Global announced the launch of consulting services in the areas of strategy, sales, marketing, management and technology.

Detroit, MI, February 08, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Conceived by co-founders, Sujal Shah and Jennifer Gallagher, CES Group Global offers consulting services for retail, high tech and consumer electronics industries.

“We are excited for this endeavor. So many firms are faced with common business issues, but are clouded by the complexities existing inside of their organizations. With CES Group Global, business owners gain the clarity to focus their efforts on what they do best,” said Jennifer Gallagher, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, CES Group Global.

A new era is dawning where technology is the key to leveling the playing field. “Understanding the eco-system and the tools associated with it is becoming an increasingly complex matter. Technology, the user experience and business models are changing so rapidly that it is nearly impossible keep pace,” said Sujal Shah, Chief Technology Officer, CES Group Global. Business owners understand that technology can save money and increase productivity, but can be overwhelmed by the number of options available.

This need is what prompted the creation of CES Group Global and our end to end suite of business solutions. “If a client doesn’t have resources, we can provide our proprietary services or assist firms with outsourcing or localization. When it comes to business, we are the answer. Our ultimate goal is integrated, vested, long-term partnerships with our clients,” said Gallagher.

About CES Group Global
CES Group Global is a leading integrated business solutions provider of high value sales, marketing, management, strategy and technology services. Working internationally, with leading organizations across the public and private sectors, the company specializes in building support services to launch new markets, products and services while continuously cultivating existing business, enabling sustainable growth.

CES Group Global is headquartered in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI with locations in Florida, Washington, and California. CES Group Global is committed to delivering a deep understanding of market and industry forces resulting in collaborative, successful, long term partnerships.
CES Group Global
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