Accessible DNA Testing as TestDiagnostics Announces Introduction of DNA Ancestry Test

DNA testing has been made more accessible by the introduction of a premium DNA Ancestry Test by London’s premier online testing website, TestDiagnostics.

London, United Kingdom, February 18, 2013 --( DNA testing has been made more accessible by the introduction of a premium DNA Ancestry Test by London’s premier online testing website, TestDiagnostics. The DNA Ancestry Test places within your grasp a cost effective, confidential and reliable laboratory Testdiagnostics.Comhome test. A cutting edge alternative to expensive testing provided in the past.

DNA Testing

What is DNA? The scientific name for DNA is Deoxyribonucleic Acid. It is a molecule that can be found in almost all human cells and contains hereditary information crucial to our creation and development. The human DNA is made up of two strands that wrap around each other to form what is referred to as a double-helix. The double-helix is likened to a ladder consisting of chemicals containing nitrogen and rungs called bases.

There are four bases called Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine. The way in which the billions of bases along the DNA strand are sequenced will determine what characteristics are developed. Most human beings have the same bases however certain variances do exist resulting in unique characteristics. These variances could be for instance colour of eyes. Ancestry DNA testing allows you to establish crucial information about your ancestry in order to produce a concise ancestry map.

This map helps in tracing geogenetic heritage and ancestral roots from around the world. It provides a glimpse into the past by comparing DNA samples with existing population samples and anthropological regions and measuring these profiles with your DNA profile to establish any matches to show were your ancestors came from. genetic-test.


Genealogy testing is achieved by two types of test. The Y-chromosome or Y-DNA test and the mitochondrial test or mtDNA. Y-DNA tests provides the closest association with genealogy while the mtDNA is more closely associated with ancestry. DNA testing is achieved by analysing markers. Scientists are able to identify these markers, comparing these with similar marker patterns in order to determine a match.

Product description

The DNA Ancestry Test from TestDiagnostics involves taking a swab sample from both the right and left cheek. Samples of DNA can be taken from almost all types of body tissue. DNA taken using a cheek swab is the same as the DNA collected from blood or other tissues found in the body. The Ancestry Test tests for 16 genetic markers and helps establish heritage by tracing bloodline back through your ancestors. Once your samples have been sent back to their laboratory analysis will be performed and you will be provided with personalised DNA ancestry map and a ancestry analysis report showing historical migration.

The Ancestry test kit includes two cotton swabs, detailed instructions on how to correctly administer the swab, assessment form, envelopes for the left and right swabs and a self addressed envelope for posting of the samples back to TestDiagnostics partner laboratory.

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