American Hero T Shirt Releases "Choose Soldier- Choose Your Heroes Wisely" Patriotic T-Shirts

American Hero T Shirt, a premium seller of patriotic T-shirts and other apparel has released a new design called "Choose Soldier- Choose Your Heroes Wisely." This new T shirt is available in all sizes and in black color only.

Wichita, KS, February 20, 2013 --( American Hero T Shirt is a well known seller of patriotic T-shirts. The company has released a number of patriotic t-shirts and other apparel. The company recently added to its collection of patriotic T-shirts, by launching the "Choose Soldier" design.

The Choose Soldier series of patriotic T-shirts contain a custom made print (hoodies are available also). The design of the patriotic T-shirts features a grey profile of a soldier holding a gun in his right hand and in full combat gear. The logo American Hero is printed on the patriotic T-shirts and it is encapsulated in a pair of wings. Under this design are the words, "Choose Your Heroes Wisely."

A spokesperson from the company said these patriotic T-shirts will appeal to those looking for an ideal. "Americans are hero worshipping the wrong people. With these patriotic T-shirts, we wanted to remind people that the American solider is the perfect role model," she said.

The Choose Soldier patriotic T-shirts are perfect for people who want to wear their pride on their sleeve. By wearing these patriotic T-shirts, Americans can show their appreciation and gratitude for the great sacrifices that the armed forces have been making over the years.

$5 from each sale of these patriotic T-shirts will be donated to military charities. American Hero T Shirt will also be releasing a special commemorative design (in both patriotic T-shirts and hoodies) to mark the second anniversary of the supreme sacrifice made by 31 American soldiers in Tangi valley in 2011.
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Julie Marshall