Announces New Raid Product, 12Bay FireWire Rackmount SubSystem or Enclosure

Austin, TX, December 09, 2005 --( Inc announces a solid and cost effective FireWire 12-Bay Rackmount system for under $750.00 which equates to $62 per removable bay. The HSB12-RM is a near-line RAID Storage Cluster and also supports paired RAID level 0 - in a Versitile 12-Bay FireWire host interface that gives you up to 6000GB easy to manage, cost efective storage solution.

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The HSB12-RM is an easy-use and cost- effective 3.5" IDE/PATA Hot-swappable hard disk drive storage system (Starting at $749.-) that can be used as a huge mass storage device, delivering large amounts of expandable space. Regardless if you are using standard partition, mirroring or striping or any combination of, the HSB12-RM’s configuration can take advantage of all these types of setups, even utilizing software RAID solutions to optimize performance and scalability. Perfect for large storage libraries, digital video & digital audio files, backups and flexibility to grow with your storage needs.

HSB12-RM is ideal for mass data online storage, departmental and DVR server users who need a flexible, universal storage system that utilizes a common storage building block for their current and future data storage needs. HSB12-RM near-line storage systems intended for use with servers delivering large amounts of storage and applications which require excellent accessibility and serviceability. Inc offers one of the most extensive lines of professional storage and peripheral devices covering FireWire, FireWire 800, SATA | eSATA, SCSI-320U and Fibre. All products are available through its online store. is focused on providing the highest quality support and products available.

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