Personal Assistants: What Celebrities Don't Know

Real World Professional Personal Assistants Reduce Stress and Drama

Austin, TX, August 03, 2007 --( Celebrities and their personal assistants are making headlines with car chases and confidentiality breaches. Christie Gaderson, President of Priorities Concierge, asserts that these antics denigrate the industry of professional personal assistants and demonstrates the opposite of how real world personal assistant relationships function.

Personal Assistants are often percieved as being for the very rich and famous, however, an entire industry of Personal Assistants and Lifestyle Managers exist to serve the public on an as needed basis to allow people to better manage their time. Personal Assistants manage many areas of their clients' lives from the basics like grocery shopping, merchandise returns or waiting for home service appointments to large scale projects like coordinating a move. Some clients use personal assisting only a few hours per month, while others utilize several hours per week.

"In this industry, personal assistants are experienced, educated and insured which leads to the highest quality service and decision making on behalf of a client. These celebrity related stories misrepresent both the personal assistant relationship and the value a personal assistant provides, even one utilized on an infrequent basis" says Christie Gaderson, President of Priorities Concierge an Austin, Texas based personal assisting and lifestyle management firm.

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