LeanCor Supply Chain Group to Launch Online Professional Training Courses

Florence, KY, February 22, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL) LeanCor will launch LeanCor Academy, an online professional training and education program starting in March 2013. LeanCor Academy will debut with “Building the Lean Leader,” a lean leadership course based on the book People, a leader’s day-to-day guide to building, managing and sustaining lean organizations.

Building the Lean Leader will prepare individuals to implement lean principles, become more effective leaders, and embrace organizational excellence. This course will provide clear direction on how to lead an organization throughout the various stages of a lean implementation, including:

· How to implement lean principles
· How to confront resistance
· How to be a better student and teacher
· How to create appropriate measurement systems
· How to develop management systems that support lean thinking
· How to build successful teams
· How to make time for it all

Facilitated in a virtual classroom, Building the Lean Leader is broken down into 16 modules. Students can choose either to take a 16-week self-paced course or an instructor-led eight-week course, which includes instructor feedback and live group discussions. Each module includes:

· Educational material presented both visually and audibly
· Video segments that spotlight real lean leaders providing practical advice, demonstrating the knowledge being applied to their work, sharing examples, and providing useful tips and tricks
· Hands-on interactive exercises
· Knowledge assessments following each lesson

Students can register for the course beginning March 4, 2013, and enrollment begins March 11, 2013.

For More Information
Contact: Julia Kirby
Online Training Manager

About LeanCor Training and Education
LeanCor Training and Education is the recognized thought leader in lean supply chain principles and operational practices. Organizations of all sizes rely on LeanCor Training and Education to develop organizational skills and build people capability, instilling a lean problem solving culture. Curriculum focuses on Problem Solving, Lean Supply Chain, and Lean Leadership. Our hands-on approach ensures active participation, leading to better comprehension, retention, and most importantly, applied capabilities. LeanCor focuses on transferring knowledge that facilitates applied learning and immediate implementation of lean principles, yielding real results in the supply chain. These results include improved revenues, reduced logistics and supply chain costs, leading to higher operating margins for the organization. All training and education may be facilitated in private or public settings with our industry leading education partners. For more information, visit www.leancor.com.
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