Seth Kahan Releases Executive Summary to Summarize Issues and Challenges That Association Leaders Are Facing Today

Executive change expert, Seth Kahan, release the results of his intensive research and interviews from 25 association leaders across the United States to discover the issues they are facing in today’s business world.

Bethesda, MD, February 26, 2013 --( Seth Kahan releases his executive summary of a deep and intensive research initiative to discover the major issues and challenges facing today's association leaders, including both professional societies and trade associations. Kahan interviewed 25 association leaders of all sizes and professional backgrounds.

Kahan found powerful economic changes forcing the hands of most leaders to react, sooner rather than later. Several of the leaders interviewed said, “Many of these trends have been spoken about for years or even decades. The difference is today we are being forced to act because business pressures have reached a critical threshold.”

Kahan summarizes the report showing eleven issues:

1. Business disruption occurs on two levels: a) the association business model is in jeopardy and b) members are facing game-changing circumstances
2. Membership models are under scrutiny
3. Businification, the intentional adoption of private sector business practices, is in upswing and brings complex ramifications.
4. Technology continues to be a disruptor.
5. Association staff talent is in a bubble
6. Senior management must execute as well as strategize, creating a “tax” on strategic insight.
7. Competitive intelligence is done ad hoc, not systematically or methodically.
8. Governance often hampers the ability to act quickly, and creates a cyclic drag due to the periodic revolving door.
9. Reinvention is happening; experiments, strategies, and tactics could be shared systematically to accelerate success.
10. Running an association is a whole new game in the 21st century, but this is generally not deeply understood by boards.
11. New tools are coming to market that associations have access to and are using to hold or grow their membership and bottom line.

He says, “It was a rare opportunity to speak to these thought leaders. I had the opportunity to sit face-to-face in most instances with some of the most powerful heads of today’s membership organizations representing broad sectors of the American professional and business worlds. I learned a great deal. It is my mission to share this information with other association leaders so they can benefit from the collective intelligence of the group.”

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Seth Kahan has worked with CEOs and top-level executives in companies that include World Bank, Peace Corps, Royal Dutch Shell as well as over 40 associations and public sector agencies. Kahan's book, Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out, is a business bestseller. He writes online for Fast Company ( His next book, Getting Innovation Right, is due out in March 2013.

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