ITpreneurs Launches Service Quality Management Foundation E-learning Course

ISO/IEC 20000 is the world’s first Service Management process standard which is internationally recognized through the ISO certification scheme. The standard promotes the adoption of an integrated process approach to effectively deliver managed services to meet business and customer requirements.

Rotterdam, Netherlands, August 05, 2007 --( ISO/IEC 20000 is aligned with and complementary to the process approach defined within the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

The Service Quality Management Foundation helps participants to understand the principles of ISO/IEC 20000 and the related Quality Management standard ISO/IEC 9000. This course is beneficial for everyone requires an understanding of the scope, components and principles of ISO/IEC 20000. An exam preparation module is included in the course that helps to prepare participants for taking EXIN's Service Quality Management Foundation exam.

Course Description

The Service Quality Management Foundation Certification course provides a comprehensive overview of part 1 and part 2 of the ISO/IEC 20000 standard. The relevance of Service Quality Management for IT service-providing organizations and departments is highlighted in an easy to understand manner. The course is designed for professionals who require an overview of the standard and understand the scope and relevance of Service Quality Management.

The course uses a case study to explain the principles of ISO/IEC 20000 in a simulated environment. This helps participants in their understanding of ISO/IEC 20000 and generic quality management. The 8 hour e-learning course is priced at $349 and is available at ITpreneurs’ Campus.

An exam preparation module is included in the course preparing candidates for taking the EXIN Service Quality Management Foundation Exam.


Possession of the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management (based on ITIL) or equivalent knowledge is highly recommended.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this course, participants will understand the:
•Fundamentals of Quality Management Systems.
•Principles of Service Management.
•What is ISO/IEC 20000 and how do they benefit organizations.
•Understand the benefits of applying ISO/IEC 20000 processes
•Understand the relationships between different Service Management processes.
•ISO/IEC 20000: Part 1 The requirements of the Standard- Specifications (shalls)
•ISO/IEC 20000: Part 2 Service Management Best Practices – code of Practice (shoulds).


Quality managers, IT support staff, IT consultants, IT process consultants, key business users, IT auditors, quality consultants, IT service providers, and purchase managers.

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