Maverick Logistics Implements TRANSFLO $Velocity® from Pegasus TransTech

Tampa, FL, March 07, 2013 --( Maverick Logistics has implemented TRANSFLO $Velocity® and TRANSFLO Mobile from Pegasus TransTech, consistent, electronic methods for carriers to submit invoices and load documents to participating third party logistics (3PL) providers and freight brokers to speed processing and payment.

TRANSFLO $Velocity makes it easy for carriers to group the documents and data a 3PL or broker requires and electronically transmit them together with an invoice. TRANSFLO $Velocity reduces processing time, allowing 3PLs and brokers to bill their shippers faster and pay carriers more quickly. TRANSFLO Mobile is a convenient option that requires only a smartphone, either an Android or iPhone to send the documents and invoice.

Maverick Logistics, LLC is a division of Maverick USA, Inc. which also operates Maverick Transportation, LLC, one of America's top 100 carriers. Based in Little Rock, Ark., Maverick Logistics provides OTR and dedicated service to the flatbed, glass, and temperature controlled transportation markets throughout North America. In addition, their brokerage division offers delivery solutions for customers via an extensive network of carriers meeting stringent safety standards across all modes.

According to Brokerage Customer Service Manager John Bohannon, Maverick adopted TRANSFLO $Velocity in March of 2012.

"We wanted to reduce the paperwork, cut down on the faxing and mailing of documents, and streamline the entire process,” Bohannon explained.

"If the carrier mails their documents in, it can be two to three days before we receive them. With this system, carriers can send in documents directly and get paid more quickly," he said.

Maverick Logistics currently has as many as 3,000 carriers set up in their system. He is encouraging as many of them as possible to use TRANSFLO $Velocity.

"Through TRANSFLO $Velocity, the entire paperwork process is more efficient and everyone gets paid in a timely manner," Bohannon said.

Maverick Logistics includes a TRANSFLO $Velocity logo in the signatures of all its emails with a message that reads: "Maverick Logistics now prefers you send invoices and paperwork with TRANSFLO $VELOCITY so you can GET PAID FASTER." The message includes this link,, to download the necessary software for free. Carriers pay nothing to use TRANSFLO $Velocity.

The software enables a carrier to scan or gather documents from anywhere on a computer hard drive or network. They are then transmitted together for payment. When invoices arrive electronically with the supporting documents, 3PLs do not have to deal with multiple submissions for a single invoice. TRANSFLO $Velocity makes it easier for carriers and 3PLs to do business, saving time, saving money, and increasing operating efficiencies for both parties.

TRANSFLO $Velocity is the preferred method of document and invoice delivery for the top 3PLs and freight brokers in the nation. More than 9,000 carriers currently use TRANSFLO $Velocity.

"Maverick is a well-known and widely respected company," said Bob Helms, chairman and CEO for Pegasus TransTech. “We're very pleased to have Maverick Logistics as a customer. TRANSFLO $Velocity has established a new standard for critical communication between carriers and brokers.”

About Pegasus TransTech
Pegasus TransTech Corporation helps transportation companies go paperless, improve operating efficiency, speed cash flow, increase profit, and drive consistent, repeatable results by strategically creating images, electronic forms, and enterprise workflow solutions.

TRANSFLO® software provides the back office solutions for document management and electronic workflow. Pegasus TransTech’s scanning products TRANSFLO Express® truck stop scanning, TRANSFLO Now!™ anywhere in-cab scanning, and TRANSFLO Now Mobile provide same-day access to delivery documents which speeds driver pay and the carrier’s billing cycle. TRANSFLO $Velocity is the electronic, consistent method for carriers to submit invoices and load documents to participating brokers to get paid faster.

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