Alternate Financing Options Available for Small Business Owners

Atlanta, GA, August 07, 2007 --( Small business owners often find it difficult to secure traditional financing. While the number of small businesses continues to climb; underfunded small businesses are highly vulnerable. Without a much-needed cash infusion at critical times of growth or market fluctuations, many promising small businesses have failed. However, alternate financing options are available to resourceful small business owners. During a recent interview, Joseph Ingrassia, managing member of Capstone Business Credit (, discussed exciting financing options for small business owners that have been turned down by traditional lenders.

Capstone, and other venture merchant banks, fund undercapitalized but highly competent businesses that are in the process of expanding through increasing their sales to creditworthy buyers. Ingrassia shares the reason a venture merchant bank is often a good option for businesses that don’t meet the criteria required by traditional banking institutions. “Most banks look at a borrower’s balance sheet to determine whether or not they are credit worthy,” Ingrassia says. “We can structure a deal that focuses on future sales; not historical assets that have been accumulated.”

“Joe reveals financing options that many small business owners aren’t aware of,” Bobby Ellis, Consulting Executive for, says of his recent interview with Ingrassia. “It is tough for many small businesses to secure adequate funding. So, it is exciting to learn of other options for these organizations.”

During Ingrassia’s interview, available at, he explains in great detail how a company that isn’t appealing to traditional banking institutions can secure financing through trade or purchase order financing. He also relates how many of his clients have used this type of financing to structure multi-million dollars deals and grow their businesses. Visit to hear Bobby Ellis’ interview of Joseph Ingrassia and learn more about alternate financing options for small business owners that have been turned down by traditional lenders. is a premier information resource for entrepreneurs. Small business owners will find business advice, news regarding the latest small business trends, interviews with successful entrepreneurs, and case studies that can help them grow their businesses. Visit for more information.

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