Hearts Pest Management, Inc. Lends Their Expertise to the Victims of Pest Invasion

San Diego, CA, March 13, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Hearts Pest Management President, Gerry Weitz, provides his expertise in Ellen Byron’s Wall Street Journal article Critter Counteroffiensive from the Personal Journal section published on February 27, 2013.

Critter Counteroffensive focuses on “The tactics to take back the great room from stubborn, furry visitors.’” Gerry Weitz of Hearts Pest Management was one of six nationally recognized pest control companies and their owners to contribute to the article. The article addressed that rats, mice and larger wildlife are among the “furry visitors” that could find their way into a home or commercial building.

“Amid all the construction during last decade’s U.S. housing boom, plenty of contractors left such gaps behind. “Construction was put up so fast – whether expensive or not so expensive – that there’s a lot of access for these creatures,” said Gerry.”

Gerry also commented on the affects of rodent invasion and said, “The vast majority of homes in Southern California have some damage from rats and mice.” Customers have similar threads of pest control service needs but they also have definable special requirements and environmental sensitivities that must be met.

In addition to the descriptions provided by the professionals, the article illustrates, through a graphic design, ways in which homeowners can protect themselves and their property from becoming a shelter for wandering rodents.

About Hearts Pest Management:
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Hearts Pest Management is a nationally recognized pest control service located in multiple counties throughout Southern California. Since their establishment in 1994, Hearts has expanded from Poway and Escondido to its most recent establishment in Ventura County. Their unique message is that they are a certified green pest control company with a “first do no harm approach.” Hearts believes in providing added value to the customer to ensure accurate answers are given to their pest problems. They seek to be the best in the industry by creating a consulting pest control staff that will meet each and every customer’s expectations.

For more information, visit www.heartspm.com or call 1-800-986-10056.

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