DNA Identification Profiling Testing Now Available from TestDiagnostics

Test diagnostics announces addition of new product in its store DNA Identification Profiling Test.

London, United Kingdom, March 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- TestDiagnostics is a UK based provider of a number of laboratory approved health test kits. All testing kits from TestDiagnostics are available online from their website and are sourced from approved laboratories and are AABB, ISO 17025, CLIA accredited DNA laboratory tests. The tests now available are the Peace of Mind and the Court Approved identification profiling DNA tests.

DNA profile testing is undertaken by assessing and analysing 16 genetic markers. A genetic marker is a gene or a DNA sequence that allows identification of an individual. These markers are used to study relationships between for instance an inherited disease and its genetic cause i.e. mutation of a gene that causes a defective protein.

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DNA identification profiling testing is crucial in that it allows an individual to obtain a detailed record of their unique DNA profile. Home DNA profiling also allows you to avoid expensive DNA tests, establish paternity, maternity or sibling relationships and establish right as an heir should a dispute arise in a will or a deceased estate. Your DNA profile can then be stored as a permanent record of your DNA ID profile.

DNA identity testing involves a mouth swab and collection of a saliva sample from the right and left cheek. It is important that coffee, alcohol and tobacco products are avoided at least an hour before testing in order to avoid contaminating the sample. Swabs should be allowed to dry before they are placed back into the envelopes. Test kits ordinarily contain cotton swabs, sterile envelopes and instructions on how to correctly take the test.

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TestDiagnostics offers two specific identification profiling DNA tests namely, the Peace of Mind Identification Profiling DNA test and the Court Approved Identification Profiling DNA test. These tests differ in that the peace of mind test is taken for personal reasons and is not recognised in court of for any legal reasons. The court approved DNA tests as the name suggests can be used in court for legal proceedings. It differs from the peace of mind test in that an independent or neutral third party or medical professional is required to be present when the swab is collected. A passport or similar identification and 2 recent passport photos are also required for proof of identity and should be presented to the neutral third party or medical professional. You should ensure that these arrangements are made prior to testing as TestDiagnostics or its partnership laboratory does not cover this aspect of the testing process. All court approved tests results will include a notarised copy of the results for use in court proceedings.

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