New Range of Bespoke Designer Wallpaper Products are Launched by Concept Coverings

Concept Coverings Ltd (UK) have just released a new range of designer wallpaper products. Following the success of the last collection launched in 2006, the new designs are aimed at a younger age group.

Lancashire, United Kingdom, August 11, 2007 --( Following months of hard work, Concept Coverings Ltd is thrilled that finally the new range of wallpapers that have been painful to finalise are ready for release. Wallpaper has been around for hundreds of years, and yet people claim that there has been very little advancement in wallpaper. Group Managing Director Conrad McKee says to these critics, "Wallpaper is fighting back and at Concept Coverings we are seeing a big trend in customers coming back to wallpaper as feature walls and one wall concepts."

The online designs are a good mix of contemporary and traditional designs with colours that can be changed to match any room scheme.

The company was formed in 2005 seeing a hole in the decorative market for this type of digitally printed product. Since then many successful wallpaper collections have been released. The latest collections are available to view online as well as customers being able to upload their own photos and have them made into a wallpaper.

Today wallpaper is classified based on the commercial application, and is divided into two categories: commercial and home use wallpaper

About their wallpapers

Commercial Wallpaper
Commercial wallpaper is usually printed on thicker, and more resistant paper. Since commercial wallpaper (as the name suggests) is used in retail outlets, hotels, discos, etc. The wallpaper has certain health and safety specifications that it must meet like being fire resistant, etc. Apart from the health and safety requirements, there are additional requirements like being easy to clean, dust and dirt resistant, etc. What has made commercial wallpaper making an entirely different section, is that more often than not commercial wallpaper involves customization like having a company logo printed or having custom designs, this is where having a digitally printed wallpaper comes in handy, as the imagery that is produced using digitally printed wallpaper is far superior when compared to wallpaper printed using traditional methods.

Wallpaper for home use
The earliest and oldest application of wallpaper is for home use, wallpaper for home use is by no way inferior to commercial wallpaper, as it too has to meet strict quality control guidelines, however the added advantage that wallpaper for home use has is that, it is easier to apply when compared to commercial wallpaper, and in addition you can have multiple wallpaper in the same home (compare this to commercial establishments where the wallpaper is uniform throughout). Just like commercial wallpaper, digitally printed wallpaper is available for home users also, the biggest benefactors of digitally printed wall paper have been home owners, who can now either get custom wallpaper with a particular design built, or can choose to adorn their home walls with some of the greatest works of art ever made. The choices that wallpaper today has bought to home owners is just mind boggling, and all it takes to get customized wallpaper made is a photograph or image of your design.

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