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Test diagnostics announces addition of new product in its store Aunt/Uncle Test.

London, United Kingdom, April 04, 2013 --( TestDiagnostics is happy to announce its latest Aunt/Uncle DNA test. This test will help to determine a relationship between an aunt, uncle or grandparent. TestDiagnostics is dedicated to providing tests that help to determine DNA from mom to dad, as well as Aunt/Uncle. The TestDiagnostics Aunt/Uncle DNA test evaluates over 16 different genetic markers for a better chance at finding a match. The test results show the probability that the aunt, uncle, or grandparent is related. TestDiagnostics’ Aunt/Uncle DNA test is AABB, ISO 17025, and CLIA accredited.


TestDiagnostics is very proud of this test because it is a convenient answer in some situations where a parent is not available to test. With the Aunt/Uncle DNA test, a parent does not need to be involved. TestDiagnostics’ Aunt/Uncle test will determine if there are any family ties or relationships between the child in question and either an aunt, uncle or grandparent. TestDiagnostics’ Aunt/Uncle test finds a numerical similarity between the child and the other person to help determine the relationship.

Testing for kinship is not easy on the family when there are questions in blood relationships. TestDiagnostics provide tests that are easy to take and affordable. The Aunt/Uncle test is easy to use. The testing involves two cotton swabs per person, and you swab each cheek.

TestDiagnostics offers two different types of Aunt/Uncle DNA testing for your convenience. The first is the "peace of mind" test for when you just want to know and reassure yourself. This test can be taken in your home without a third party necessary for your privacy. The second test offered by TestDiagnostics is the "court ordered" test. This test requires a third party to ensure that the test is done properly. It is not uncommon to have to show relationship to a child in a legal or immigration case. TestDiagnostics is happy to let you know that the court ordered tests are approved to be used for proof in legal cases. TestDiagnostics will send you a notarized copy of the results with supporting paperwork for court use.

The highly trained technicians at TestDiagnostics pride themselves on the convenience of the testing process. Also, all TestDiagnostics employees are AABB certified. The technicians processing your samples are fully trained to comply with laws and regulations of DNA testing. Once TestDiagnostics receives your sample and performs the Aunt/Uncle DNA test, you receive the results within one week via our online secure database system.

TestDiagnostics is pleased to offer the Aunt/Uncle DNA test, and they want to reassure you that professionals are handling your test samples. For more information about this product or any of our other products please visit them on the web at:

About US is a London based company specialising in mail order laboratory tests. The easy to use websites allows customers to order their desired test and have it delivered to either their home or work address. The customer then provides a sample, in most cases either urine or saliva which is then posted back to the lap in a free return envelope. As soon as the test is processed the customer will be informed of their results. The concept is proving to be very popular for people who want to protect their own privacy and want a quick and easy service.

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