Inline Business Marketing System Announces Its Launch for Vemma Business Owners

Inline Business Marketing System announces its launch and a business partnership with Vemma International, Arizona based company that manufactures and markets a liquid health beverage.

Miami, FL, August 11, 2007 --( Tatyana Gann and Tammy Lober, two business partners, interviewed one of the founders of Inline business Marketing System Mark Montserin to get more details what this system was all about. This system took months to produce, and it was designed to help Vemma Consultants to market their business on the internet through the best lead generation strategies and the assistance of the trained sales consultants. Inline Business Marketing system is not affiliated with Vemma Builder, a marketing service Vemma consultants currently use.

Mark said, “Inline business model was designed to simplify the business building process. You will find Inline business system very upfront and without hiding any facts. The leads are generated through various mediums such as pay per click, email marketing and search engine optimization. The Inline Business Marketing system launched just in time for the fall season, the biggest time in the year to build Vemma Business.”

Mark added in his interview with Tatyana and Tammy, “What discouraged people before was bad quality leads and lack of skills in the company consultants and that is one of the reasons of low recruitment rate in the business. The Inline Business marketing team does all lead generation and leads come in real time exclusive to team members.

This business model is supposed to take all the things that are preventing the average person from succeeding out of the equation. The system handles the marketing for a client then filters the incoming traffic so only people specifically interested in the business will contact their sales team.

Mark also added, “We chose a well established product distribution company Vemma to promote because of its track record and its amazing product.”

With Inline Business marketing system a Vemma business owner will receive lead capture websites, sales pages, access to the back office, lead coops and much more. The sales pages are tested on daily basis to make sure they get high conversion rate. For the people in our group that shows they are committed to building their home-based business we offer this system for free

The Inline Business marketing system even offers life chat assistance to answer any questions.

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