BBS, Inc. Boston Employees Are in the Running for Leader’s Circle Director Award

BBS, Inc. Boston employees are competing for the Leader’s Circle Director Award, an award given based on highest quality sales performance.

Woburn, MA, April 07, 2013 --( BBS, Inc. Boston, a sales and marketing company in Woburn MA, has announced their participation in a sales quality based competition amongst all of its employees. Each of the companies belonging to the New England D2D program will participate in the running for the award within their own offices.

This esteemed award is offered to only one sales representative from each company per month for the remainder of the year and will be presented in front of both their peers and managers. Additionally, the recipient of the award will receive a plaque and a lunch with their Verizon Channel Manager respective to that company.

When asked about this competition one Manager said, "Our office has a very healthy competitive foundation so the chance for our sales representatives to compete for this prestigious award is really exciting! Everyone is amped up for this competition and I know that each of them will continue to do their best to win it."

"Competitions like this one or even our March Madness competition are always great for production. A combination of the exciting and energetic atmosphere with a little extra motivation creates a work place that our sales representatives truly enjoy," said Assistant Manager, Andrew Brisson.

The winner for the month of April will be announced during the first full week of May.

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BBS Inc. Boston is a sales and marketing company dedicated to providing immediate and exceptional results for our clients. Since 2007, BBS has been committed to discovering effective solutions for companies that are looking to increase sales and market growth, as well as provide numerous opportunities for career development to its employees. BBS consists of a friendly, professional and thorough sales force designed to bridge the gap between large companies and their customers that other marketing channels cannot effectively reach.

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