Announcing the Virtual Assistant Industry Directory at, Where Even the Listings Are Multitasking

Traditional directory structures have failed to deliver a viable industry resource; useful to both potential clients and professional Virtual Assistants. One new Virtual Assistant Industry Directory 'gets it', and gets it right.

Mohave Valley, AZ, August 14, 2007 --( The Virtual Assistance Industry is booming, but the lack of a comprehensive industry directory of virtual service providers has left many potential clients scratching their heads over just how to locate a professional Virtual Assistant, and many VA's questioning the value of listing their sites in directories in the first place. In search of the perfect VA, these potential clients soldier on, patiently wading through a hodge podge of hit-or-miss keyword search results, poorly structured or downright unstructured industry directories, and VA community websites with confusing navigation. The VA's struggle, quite simply, to get found.

The traditional internet directory structure has focused mainly on categorizing VA's by location, or by specialty, but rarely both. Which begs the question, "Why?" A Virtual Assistant is seldom, if ever, selected based on his or her location - they're virtual service providers after all, and that's the point; when working with a VA, virtually everything (pardon the pun) is managed online via email, fax, chat, VOIP, and the like. An industry directory that serves up it's content based on location alone is, ironically, missing that point entirely.

In response to this need for a more client-friendly resource, the Virtual Assistant Forums at announces the launch of a brand new Virtual Assistant Industry Directory where VA's are invited to list their professional websites by location and specialty while potential clients may browse the directory via easy navigation or keyword search; eliminating that tedious 'wading' process and freeing up their time to get back to the very important business of business itself, with a second set of professional brains on the team to boot.


About The Virtual Assistant Industry Directory:

The brand new VA Industry Directory is hosted by the Virtual Assistant Forums at Always free, human edited to strict standards, updated daily, with 119 existing categories and the invitation to 'suggest' a category, this new resource expects to grow into the industry's premier directory of professional Virtual Assistants. Every Virtual Assistant website profile in the directory does double duty, with both a location and a specialty listing, making it easier for potential clients to zero in on that perfect VA. In this respect, the directory successfully multi-tasks just like the professional virtual service providers it showcases.

Get listed. Get found. The Virtual Assistant Industry Directory invites all professional VA's to submit their websites and blogs for immediate review and possible link placement.
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