Faith Creations, LLC Introduces “Manifesting Garden”

Experience Internal Transformation to Manifest Your Desires in 45 Days

Kennewick, WA, August 16, 2007 --( Faith Creations LLC, a company specializing in personal empowerment products has launched their flagship product “Manifesting Garden”, Create Your Garden of Infinite Possibilities - A 45-Day Goal Achievement Adventure. The function of this product is to grow an Amaryllis plant, which assists customers in actualizing a chosen goal by providing inspiration and beauty. The kit contains a Red Lion Amaryllis bulb (also known as the “Magic Lily”), goal setting instructions, a stylish planter, affirmation cards, a 45-day journal with daily inspirational quotes and a "Just Believe" CD by David Neagle, considered to be one of the foremost income acceleration coaches.

“Over the years the concept of creating your destiny and designing the life of your dreams fascinated me. In my studies I learned that the mind is similar to a garden, and our thoughts are like seeds we are planting. We all manifest what we focus and put our attention on,” said Debbi Chambers, co-owner of Faith Creations, LLC. “Last year I saw the movie, ‘The Secret’. In the movie there’s an image of grass shooting up from the ground. That image influenced me in developing a living goal achievement product.”

It wasn’t long before Chambers found herself ordering crates of Amaryllis bulbs, choosing planter boxes and writing the Manifesting Garden journal. In July of 2006, Faith Creations, LLC was formed, along with partners, Ryan Bradley, Dana Slate and Bill Parson.

In January 2007, Chambers was invited to share Manifesting Gardens at a SGR seminar held by David Neagle. Chambers was surprised to hear her name being announced by Neagle, who invited her on stage to share Manifesting Garden and her story with the attendees.

“I had always said to myself, ‘I’d rather eat bugs than speak in public.’” Chambers chuckled. But speak she did, and the response was overwhelming.

In February of 2007, Chambers was invited to a “Women in Power” conference, spearheaded by Erica Combs, Vice President, Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc. Again, she was asked to share the Garden and her story.

Combs had worked directly with Chambers as her mentor and coach and says, “I have had the opportunity to coach and mentor Debbi Chambers since 2005 and have seen her grow and manifest her dreams and desires at this time. Debbi exemplifies the message that her Manifesting Garden brings to the world and inspires people with her courage and passion to design their life through goal achievement.”

Chambers sees her product assisting people everywhere seeking to achieve their goals. “Our target market is anyone who wants to accomplish a goal or manifest a dream. Manifesting Garden encourages and inspires our customers while their desire goes from the initial stage of setting an intention, through the growth stage and then to its final completion.”

Price and Availability

Manifesting Garden comes complete with one Red Lion Amaryllis bulb, a stylish planter, soil, easy to follow planting instructions, affirmation cards, goal setting instructions, a 45 day journal with daily inspirational quotes and a "Just Believe" CD. The Garden is a $75.00 value.

Currently, Manifesting Garden is being sold online through the Faith Creations website:

Portion of proceeds will be donated to assist in Domestic Violence Awareness and Healing.

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Faith Creations specializes in personal development products to assist in creating a legacy of prosperity, inspiration and service to customers.

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