The Kuiken Group Awarded Contract to Support ABS Consulting Group

The Kuiken Group to Assist ABS Consulting Group’s Government Business Division.

Arlington, VA, April 24, 2013 --( The Kuiken Group announced today that they were awarded a contract to assist the Government business development division of the ABS Consulting Group (, one of the industry’s world-wide leaders in helping their “clients' operations run smoothly and safely through a comprehensive risk-based approach that manages all types of risk - operational, man-made and natural,” in supporting their many Government customers like the Departments of Defense, Justice, Homeland Security, and many others, in planning for, managing and mitigating the risks they deal with in protecting our nation’s security.

“ABS Consulting Group is a recognized world leader in providing technology-based solutions for mitigating the natural hazard, operational and security risks, improving the safety, enhancing the quality and minimizing any adverse environmental or economic impact to their customer’s business activities. We’re excited to be a part of their team,” said Jim Kuiken, Principal and Founder of the Kuiken Group. “I’ve spent my entire adult life protecting this country, both in the military and in local and federal law enforcement, and I am intimately aware of the risks involved in doing so. For these departments and agencies to have the tools available to them that the ABS Consulting Group brings to the table, to not only manage their own operations more efficiently, but to recognize, plan and exercise for, and mitigate national security risks is truly amazing. I only wish I had these tools available to me when I was serving my country…the increasingly dangerous world-wide climate makes these types of tools indispensable.”

About The Kuiken Group

The Kuiken Group is a premier National Security consulting group, providing our clients with expert strategic advice on policy development, operational considerations, and in helping our clients to identify and grow sound business development opportunities within the National Security market.

Based on decades of boots-on-the-ground and actual hands-on operational experience, our expertise in National Security focuses on three core areas:

National Defense and Intelligence, Homeland Security, and Natural Resources, to include all-source energy policy, and all areas of resource conservation and utilization.

Expert advice and consultation supporting military and intelligence operations, joint and international forces coordination, international security force assistance, and counter-terrorism operations and policies.

Internationally recognized consultation and planning for border security operations and policy. Immigration regulations and policy. Law enforcement, corrections, and security operations and policy. Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government Planning.

Integrated renewable business solutions, helping government agencies, international customers, and private companies alike realize the business and financial advantages of energy efficient and sustainable operations, facilities and policies – to include all-source energy production and policies.

The Kuiken Group focuses intently on the needs of our customers, so they can focus on their business.

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