Cancer Support Project, 33 Dresses Holds First Annual Online Photography Celebration

Pittsburgh Business Owner Inspires Us to “Break Out the Good Stuff”

Pittsburgh, PA, April 25, 2013 --( Local woman business owner and breast cancer survivor Elissa Ashwood is helping people around the world celebrate the "good stuff" in life. Her project, 33 Dresses, launched in 2012 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer during her baseline mammogram at age 40. Instead of just donning a hospital gown, Ashwood dug in and decided to wear 33 different dresses for each of her 33 days of radiation. She set up a blog and a Facebook page, and surprisingly hundreds of people from around the world joined her. This national movement to break out the good stuff has inspired not only people dealing with cancer, but all those who are uplifted by dealing with the difficulties of life with grace.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the project, Ashwood is inviting survivors, caregivers and those wanting to celebrate what's good in life no matter what to join her in "breaking out the good stuff". The Break Out the Good Stuff project encourages participants to take a photo every day for 33 days, documenting the "good stuff" in their life. Participants are wearing dresses, donning fun socks or ties and simply taking the time to appreciate the good things in their lives. Each day, participants who sign up will receive a 1-line inspirational email from Ashwood and will be encouraged to take a photo every day.

"This is a chance to not only enjoy your good stuff, but the hobby of photography," says Ashwood. "It's a free way to fill yourself up inside. It's not really about photos, it's about seeing the beautiful around you, and enjoying your life even more because of it. That's something we can all do, no matter how much time we have."

"The photography project seemed the perfect anniversary celebration," says Ashwood. "People who participated in the 33 Dresses project the first time were amazed at how wearing dresses and doing special things had an impact on their lives."

Participants can sign up at, and can use the hashtag #33Dresses on Instagram and Twitter. While the project starts on April 30th, it's ongoing through June 1st and open to participants at any time. Even people who only have time to take one or two photos in this time period are encouraged to share the beautiful things in their life.

Elissa Ashwood is the founder of Truly Accomplished, the measurement and feedback software company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations measure what matters. Based on 30 years of award-winning research, this powerful feedback and performance measurement system creates on average 150% increased effectiveness. It's used by successful companies and organizations seeking performance measurement metrics to increase productivity, guide employees on how to achieve goals, and measure system performance, and by independent individuals for planning and personal accomplishments. 33 Dresses is a special project of Truly Accomplished. All 33 Dresses materials and programs are free.

To learn more about the project and 33 Dresses, or to schedule an interview with Elissa Ashwood, contact Jasmine Davis at or by phone at 412-224-4417.

Photography and video is available.

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