Doctors, Lawyers, and Restaurant Owners Have Found a New and Affordable Way to Reach New Customers Online – Hiring a Social Media Consultancy

With the demand growing for social media marketing expertise, marketing consulting firm Soliloquy Marketing is launching its new website to help expand its company’s reach beyond the greater New York area.

New York, NY, April 29, 2013 --( A new study from the University of Iowa, and noted by the Neiman Journalism Lab at Harvard, has shown that social media users who are engaging with their audiences are seeing positive results. This has been the environment for several years, as businesses of all sizes are being presented with a new opportunity to connect with their markets.

Soliloquy Marketing, founded as a social media consultancy for small businesses, has been at the forefront of providing business owners with the expertise and tools they need to reach their audience to engage users in conversation about their products and services. Business owners want to have an ear on the ground to know what the customers are talking about and how they are reacting – Soliloquy Marketing, with the use of online marketing strategies, facilitates this interaction and allows its clients to better know their customer-base and respond to its feedback.

Targeting and serving a diverse community of small businesses in the New York area, Soliloquy creates custom tailored marketing solutions for its clients. With businesses of different sizes, geographical markets, and target demographics, a small business marketing consultancy must be skilled at listening to business owners and tailoring their services accordingly. “In our methodology, which is detailed further on our company’s website, we emphasize diligently attending to the unique marketing needs of our clients and carefully tailoring proposals and plans to suit every owner’s unique online and off-line marketing objectives,” states Peter Adams, Founder & CEO, Soliloquy Marketing.

With 6 out of 10 business owners saying that they believe social-media tools are valuable to their company’s growth, there is a strong demand for the type of expertise and assistance that Soliloquy Marketing provides. Businesses have had to change the way they reach their customers in order to adapt to, and keep up with, the changing landscape in marketing. Utilizing platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn effectively is now a vital necessity for business owners. Many business owners have seen the value and utility of new media tools as their businesses have profited from a social media strategy which has resulted in more and more companies catching on as social media engagement and usage rates continue to grow.
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Peter Adams II