Drug-Free South Educates Students Across Tennessee

The Foundation for a Drug-Free South routinely travels across the state of Tennessee to deliver drug education seminars and information.

Nashville, TN, May 06, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Anne Vallieres believes there is hope for Tennessee. She, along with her husband Marc, are willing to travel anywhere in the state to spread the truth about drugs to school children.

“I can’t stand to see children growing up in homes that have been ruined by drugs, or even see little kids tricked into taking these harmful substances. I want them to succeed in life. That’s why I do what I do,” says Vallieres.

This past month, the Vallieres distributed over 2,000 copies of the “Truth About Drugs” – the booklet on which the drug-free education is based.

“We have plenty of materials on the subject. In fact, anyone who wants to join the cause can order booklets and education packets directly from our website.”

The drug education seminars which Anne and Marc give are based on a curriculum supplied by the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. It is centered on the “Truth About Drugs” booklet which details short- and long-term effects of drugs, common street names and myths that a drug dealer might use to make a sale. The seminars include a video documentary of former drug users talking about their own experience with drugs, which is a powerful tool when kids hear real-life examples of what drugs can do to a person.

The Vallieres are happy to visit any school, club or group to give a lecture on the truth about drugs. For more information, visit the website drugfreesouth.org.
Drug Free South
Julianne Brinker