Announcing Enhancements to the HPX® Rupture Disc Product Family

Libert, MO, May 22, 2013 --( Continental Disc Corporation is proud to announce the newest editions to its’ HPX® Product Family...the HPX-Ta™ Rupture Disc and the addition of Higher Pressures for the HPX® Rupture Disc.

The new HPX-Ta™ Rupture Disc is a Tantalum semicircular scored reverse acting rupture disc designed specifically for use in highly corrosive media, such as bromine, chlorine, HCL, nitric acid or sulfuric acid. In certain concentrations, temperatures and moisture conditions, Tantalum is frequently the only suitable rupture disc material for the application. Benefits of the new HPX-Ta™ Rupture Disc include:

· Provides lower maintenance cost, greater reliability as compared to alternate rupture disc types or materials
· Compatible with the HPX® Insert, HPX-PT® (pre-torqued) or HPX® Double Disc holders
· Holder corrosion resistance can be enhanced by Tantalum lining or coating of the holder inlet and/or Tantalum coating of the holder outlet
· Tantalum lined HPX-PT® (pre-torqued) holders are ideal for use on vessels or pipe spools having TEFLON® or glass lined flanges
· Increased productivity of your system

Expanded pressure ranges are now available in the HPX® Rupture Disc has made the HPX® the industry leading rupture disc with a wide range of burst pressures. Higher pressures are now available in 1” – 3” sizes with burst pressures up to 2,000 psig (138 barg). Benefits of this addition include:

· Compatible with HPX® Insert, HPX-PT® (pre-torqued) or HPX® Double Disc holders
· Flow optimization of the HPX holder and rupture disc assembly is characterized by best-in-class certified KR factors of 0.29 for gas/vapor relief or 0.38 for liquid relief.
· A durable tapered sealing surface on the holder inlet that, along with proper installation and handling, provides a bubble-tight (no air bubbles detected with leak detection fluid) metal-to-metal seal between the holder inlet and rupture disc. Contact your sales representative for specific leak rate or leak testing requirements.
· Lower maintenance costs
· Increased productivity of your system

To view literature about the new HPX-Ta™ Rupture Disc and to learn more about the Higher Pressures Available for the HPX® Rupture Disc, please visit: and click on the Literature tab.
Continental Disc Corporation
Maggie Fischer