RONCO Covers the PPE Market with Hand, Head, Body Safety Solutions

Brand is thriving after seventeen years, recognized for consistent quality, regulatory compliance and innovating end-user experience.

Toronto, Canada, June 15, 2013 --( Stricter regulations, evolving legislation and large-scale consumption have continued to make Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) a growth market. Recent mergers and acquisitions are levelling the playing field to a few core companies that offer a full range of products and legitimate safety expertise. Seventeen years into the business, privately owned RONCO remains a key PPE manufacturer in Canada, with very strong distribution channels, and a steadfast commitment to consistent quality products and user safety.

Founded in 1996, RONCO began manufacturing operations on one line of disposable gloves – the RONCO GOLD-TOUCH®. Since then, the company has expanded the breadth of its portfolio to include a complete range of PPE for use in the healthcare, food and industrial sectors. Through the years, RONCO has become a pioneer in new product development, setting the industry standard with innovations such as the RONCO Gown, RONCO Cova-Cap® and its flagship Nitech® examination gloves.

RONCO President, Ron Pecchioli, remarked, “Assessing the need for PPE has changed dramatically over the years. We began with a primary focus on disposable gloves and now, after many years in business, we have become head, hand and body safety specialists, helping to protect the personal safety of employees and consumers.”

“We do more than just sell a product in a certain colour or material – we educate, we innovate, we take accountability, not only for helping to prevent workplace injury or illness, but also for hindering infection and contamination. And not just in the short-term – consider how many workers might suffer from long-term illness from exposure to environmental hazards without the use of correct PPE,” continued Mr. Pecchioli, “If you think of it exponentially, the safety risks RONCO helps to mitigate are staggering.”

Thousands of workplace injury or illness cases are reported in Canada every year, many of which could have been prevented with the use of PPE, combined with the correct controls and practices by employers. Skin exposure to chemicals or solvents, temperature or mechanical sources, cuts and abrasions, respiratory hazards, eye safety, noise and hearing loss – avoiding these hazards can be done easily and effectively through the correct use of RONCO head, hand or body safety solutions.

PPE is the top-selling group of infection prevention products worldwide – a market that is set to reach $130 billion globally by 2017, according to RONCO examination gloves are certified as medical devices that help to inhibit infection in healthcare applications such as blood collection, laboratory environments, drug delivery, medical and dental procedures.

PPE is also a key deterrent in the spread of bacteria, particularly in food processing or handling environments where foodborne illness is propagated and passed down the supply chain to the general public. The Public Health Agency of Canada estimates that each year roughly one in eight Canadians (or four million people) get sick due to domestically acquired food-borne illness. Food processing and preparation companies that adhere to a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) are seeking companies like RONCO to provide PPE that meets food safety standards.

“There is so much opportunity for RONCO right now,” stated RONCO Marketing Manager, Vani Kshattriya, “Our team of sales, marketing and product specialists work in tandem to engage new customers in emerging markets, to optimize the PPE portfolios of our existing customers and to serve niche applications with new and improved products.”

Mrs. Kshattriya continued. “The RONCO brand is quickly becoming a symbol of excellence in head, hand and body safety. Our examination-grade products are sold throughout the healthcare sector. Our ISO 22000 certification has verified that we are trusted vendors for food safety. Furthermore, we are targeting industrial sectors with an intense demand for PPE, which include construction, fisheries, mining and oil and gas production. There’s activity on every front and it isn’t going to let up any time soon.”

Established in 1996, RONCO is a world class manufacturer of safety products for head, hand and body. With a focus on consistent quality and outstanding customer service, RONCO has developed a strong presence across Canada for delivering safety solutions to end users in food, healthcare and industrial applications.

For more information on RONCO’s full line of Personal Protective Equipment, please contact:

Vani Kshattriya
Marketing Manager
905 660 6700 ext. 275
Vani Kshattriya
905-660-6700 Ext. 275