Chiropractic Marketing: How a Phone Call is Allowing Chiropractors to Capitalize On ‘High School Musical 2’ Craze in a Big Way… and Acquire Loads of New Patients

The recent release of Disney's blockbuster movie, High School Musical 2, has provided savvy chiropractors with an incredible opportunity to acquire new patients. And, done with technology, it's been done at zero expense.

Lake Worth, FL, August 25, 2007 --( The Disney Channel's premiere of "High School Musical 2" last Friday scored 17.24 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research, making it the most-watched basic cable telecast of all time. And, if that wasn’t enough, according to Reuters, the soundtrack to the blockbuster movie ruled the U.S. pop charts Wednesday with the second-biggest opening sum of the year. This has presented some savvy chiropractors with a tremendous chiropractic marketing opportunity to leverage the buzz created around High School Musical 2 to acquire lots and lots of new patients in a very fun and enjoyable way.

“We’ve had some savvy doctors host a High School Musical 2 viewing party at their offices, with popcorn and healthy candy for their patients and friends, and got the word out to thousands of people, at absolutely no cost, with the chiropractic marketing audio postcard technology included with their Chiropractic Dashboard,” says Todd Brown, CEO of More Chiro Patients, Inc. and creator of the Chiropractic Dashboard – a patent pending multi-media chiropractic marketing system that uses the latest in video, audio, email, web, and telephone technology to automate all of the critical business-building activities for chiropractors.

“It’s really neat to see chiropractors capitalizing on something so positive going on in the news and using it as part of their chiropractic marketing to build more goodwill with their existing patients as well as meet referrals and acquire new patients… all with a simple phone call to create the little audio message about the party and then the click of a mouse to send it out via their Chiropractic Dashboard to everyone, no less,” shares Brown. “It’s just a fantastic experience for everyone involved. Especially the chiropractors having fun while getting new patients.” For more information go to:

More Chiro Patients, Inc.
Todd Brown