TechWaste Recyling Refocuses on Business IT Equipment Liquidation and Recycling

TechWaste Recyling relaunches its website with a renewed focus on business services for computers liquidation, recycling and data destruction.

Santa Ana, CA, June 23, 2013 --( With the increasing knowledge of environmental destruction being portrayed on technologically superior modes of communication almost everywhere, every day, it is no wonder that we all think, to a certain aspect, of saving the environment and reducing our carbon footprints.

All this enlightenment brings along a question, what can a business entity do to bring about change? The answer is: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. It is assured that when more individuals and businesses make a concerted effort to reuse, reduce and recycle, it will have a positively influential impact in reducing our carbon footprints. Orange County computer recycling expert, TechWaste Recycling guarantees to help businesses do that and much more for the preservation of our precious environment.

With the relaunch of their website, Orange County computer liquidators, TechWaste Recycling brings to its clients a new design and functionality. With easy to find features and apparent request forms for pickup, it is striving to create a more user friendly experience for its clients. Known for its unrivaled recycling services TechWaste Recycling has also developed into a brand. They offer effortless and expedient business equipment liquidation services and computer liquidation in Los Angeles.

TechWaste Recycling guarantees proper disposal and liquidation by following all the rules and regulations set forth by the federal, state, local and Environmental Protection Agencies.

They justly take the responsibility of recycling with whole heartedness. All it takes is a call and they will do the rest for you. The legal framework, collection system, logistics and other services are all taken care of. Business clients need not worry about improper disposal, hefty fines and penalties because TechWaste Recycling never lets that happen.

With tremendous success in Los Angeles, TechWaste Recycling has happily expanded their expertise to new areas of San Diego, Orange County and New York. The new site provides a list of cities with lead time required for pick up. Thus patrons can work according to their convenience and schedule.

TechWaste Recycling guarantees to do it right for you so that you can feel proud to condense your eco footprint.

All these features and information can be accessed through the new and improved TechWaste Recycling website. Clients now have the opportunity to like TechWaste Recycling’s facebook page and tweet any important information directly from the site.

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