Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Unveils Multi-Panel Retractable Skylight System

Pine Grove, PA, June 24, 2013 --( Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial skylights; greenhouses; garden windows; conservatories; sunrooms; folding, sliding, and stacking walls, doors, windows, and screens; unveils a multi-panel retractable skylight system.

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently introduced their latest skylight innovation, a multi-panel retractable skylight. The multi-panel design is the next generation of Solar’s previously existing single panel retractable skylight. The skylight system consists of multiple bays that retract upwards, and stack atop one another. Because of this function, these skylights are often referred to as ‘telescoping skylights.” When in the open position, a multi-panel retractable skylight provides a large unobstructed opening at the roofline of a structure.

Multi-panel retractable skylights can accommodate lengths on slope up to 15’; each bay should be designed at a maximum of 5’ x 7’. During a standard factory water test, a 12psf result was achieved. With enhanced weep pan designs, a 20psf performance can be achieved.

The multi-panel retractable skylight system is generally installed to provide a home or business with additional daylighting and ventilation. Retractable skylights can be installed in a traditional construction roof or existing glass structures such as pool houses, pool enclosures, greenhouses, sunrooms, or conservatories. Screens are often added to multi-panel retractable skylights to prevent insects from entering the building.

All Solar Innovations, Inc. skylights are custom designed and manufactured in the USA at our Pine Grove, Pennsylvania facility. Multi-panel retractable skylights are constructed from thermally enhanced aluminum to create a low maintenance product. Aluminum framing does not require annual painting or sanding and does not expand and contract as the temperature changes.

Numerous laminated glazing options are available for use in retractable skylights. Glare from the skylight’s large expanses of glass can be reduced through the application of glass coatings such as LowE. For lighter weight applications, polycarbonate with a Lumira aerogel infill can be used as an alternative to glass. Lumira provides greatly increased daylight properties, dispersing up the 97% of all light to create a soft uniform light spectrum.

Rain sensors can be easily integrated into multi-panel retractable skylights. When it begins to rain, a sensor detects the moisture and automatically closes the skylight. Multi-panel skylights are motorized, utilizing a built-in motor and electrical breaks, which prevent the skylight from sliding backwards once the unit is closed.

More information on specific projects can be found on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s website with a feature highlight for each of the product lines. If you would like more information on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s multi-panel retractable skylight system or are interested in receiving an updated brochure, please contact the marketing department at or call 800-618-0669.
Solar Innovations, Inc.
Melissa Reinhart