Home Inventory - Why You Need One and a Do-It-Yourself Guide

Nationwide Inventory Professionals founders, Mike and Cindy Hartman, authored a book to share their years of experience in the home inventory industry.

Indianapolis, IN, July 02, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Recent disasters, and the resulting financial losses, have increased the awareness of the need for a home inventory. This book discusses the insurance process and the many other life events when you need a thorough list of your personal property. Also included is a guide to completing your own inventory and full-size templates to help with the process.

Home Inventory – A Guide for Homeowners and Renters was written in a conversational tone and includes many stories shared by those who had a loss – some who did not have a personal property inventory and others who did. Co-author Mike Hartman stated the purpose of the stories is to take a rather dry subject and lighten it up, “Placing the real-life element into the book shows the importance of knowing what you own.”

The most commonly known reason for a home inventory is to recover from a loss. Most policyholders don’t realize they need this list until after the fact, when the insurance adjuster explains the claim process. Then it’s too late. It is impossible to remember everything without a reference document. In today’s economy, financial recovery is even more important than in years past. To be able to replace all that was lost, because you are able to maximize your insurance claim, is extremely important.

There are many other occasions when a list of belongings is imperative, some of which are divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, financial planning, and estate planning. Knowing what to include in the home inventory document is often what holds people back from creating one. The Hartmans provide direction to complete the process and include formatted full-sized templates, each with a notes page to allow room for additional information not included on the templates.

Will this book encourage people to do the inventory themselves rather than call a professional service? They don’t think so. The authors compare it to landscaping, house painting, and cleaning services. There are how-to guides for all of these tasks, and service professionals for those who don’t want to do it themselves. Cindy explained, “Considering the busy life styles today, it is evident that many do not have the time to do it themselves. Others prefer to hire a professional service.” Now they have an option.

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About the Authors
The Hartmans' interest in the home inventory industry was developed as a result of their experience with the insurance claim process and knowing the resulting potential loss after a burglary, fire, or natural disaster.

Hartman Inventory (http://www.HartmanInventory.com) was established in 2004 to provide professional inventory services. Their mission statement, “To help others succeed,” encouraged the Hartmans to continue to pursue their entrepreneurial dream by establishing Nationwide Inventory Professionals. This premier Business Package and Licensing Agreement provides the tools required to begin and grow an independently owned home inventory company. (http://www.NationwideInventoryProfessionals.com)
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