Stainless Steel Fabricators Complete Stainless Solutions Offer Seamless Design Flexibility with Range of Welding Options

Mississauga, Canada, July 11, 2013 --( Mississauga-based stainless steel fabricators Complete Stainless Solutions are now improving their services to include a full range of welding techniques. The use of MIG, TIG, STICK and SPOT welding enables CSS to meet the varying demands of their customers best suited to specific material and product applications.

Complete Stainless Solutions strictly follow engineered product specifications to deliver high quality goods that meet customer requirements. In addition, manufacturing industry standards are second nature to the professionals at Complete Stainless Solutions in full consideration of all products fabricated whether they are utilized in the medical, pharmaceutical or food industry or whether for purely cosmetic purposes. That’s why many companies only select fabricators who have both the technical understanding and the in-house infrastructure to build products that meet or exceed regulatory standards. By integrating a full range of welding techniques into their processes, Mississauga based Complete Stainless Solutions is now offering clients full construction flexibility in achieving solutions that are uniquely designed for their in-house applications.

For those clients with a stainless steel product requirement, Complete Stainless Solutions offers their high caliber TIG welding process. TIG (or Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is designed to connect reactive metals using a non-consumable tungsten electrode. This type of welding is considered cleaner than all other welding applications as the use of tungsten to provide an electrical current means that there is a limited amount of spark, smoke and fumes produced in the process. The advantage provided to the client with this style of welding process is that, because of the limited amount of contamination in the weld, technicians are able to achieve greater precision in meeting unique design requirements. It is the ideal process for all stainless steel product designs, simple or complex.

Alternatively, another welding technique offered by stainless steel fabricators, Complete Stainless Solutions is their MIG welding process. MIG (or Metal Inert Gas) welding offers an advantage to clients in terms of its use in fabrication of mild steel products and the reduced time required to complete the process. Due to the lower raw material cost and shortened welding time, it remains one of the most cost effective choices for clients on a limited project budget.

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