Advance 8a Highlights the Financial Actions to be Taken Before Applying for 8a Certification

It is important to take some financial actions before applying for the 8a certification. Ez8a has highlighted those actions in a seminar.

Wilder, KY, July 14, 2013 --( Advance 8a, the 8a certification business consultancy company, has recently emphasized in a seminar about the financial actions a small and disadvantaged business needs to take before applying for the SBA 8a certification. The financial actions are going to help the small firms access all the documents easily for obtaining the certification.

Ez8a is very much aware of the financial actions, which needs to be taken by the small and disadvantaged firms that are willing to obtain the 8a certification. These actions are to be taken before they apply for the certification.

An ez8a’s business consultant said, "First, it’s important to pay off the federal debts. If the business owner is unable to pay off the federal debt completely, set up a formal payment plan with the SBA and keep that payment plan document. It needs to be put inside the SBA 8a application afterwards."

It is also important to make a list of all the personal assets that the applicant has. The applicant must not forget one thing—if he/she is married and own as asset jointly with the spouse, that asset should be listed down as well but with an annotation ‘50%’ beside. The SBA will want to know each and every thing as far as the assets and the accounts of the applicant is concerned. There are many people who forget to mention about the small checking accounts and the 401K plans. They should be very careful about these things.

A list is to be made where all the liabilities of the applicant is to be noted down. For every account of the applicant, whether it’s a liability or an asset, it’s important to show its present value with the help of a document. The ez8a business consultant said, "An applicant needs all kinds of documents to prove the existence of each of his/her liability and asset because the Small Business Administration is not to believe in words."

Advance 8a even focuses on keeping aside all the materials in a folder as that is going to help at the time of SBA 8a application process. Everything will be accessible straightway. Updating the account statement is also vital for submitting the Form 413.

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