Now Ordinary People Can Virtually Guarantee Their Success

After purchasing any kind of success coaching product, most people don’t take action which is vital to achieve the maximum benefit from it. Now there is a unique solution to this.

London, United Kingdom, August 31, 2007 --( There are many self improvement books and audios designed to program the user for success in the market today but they all have one major failing in common - the person using them. While the information given to achieve success in these programs is in many cases excellent, it is totally down to the user to follow through on the advice given. And that’s where the problem lies. Most people who purchase these products just don’t take action. This problem inspired London born entrepreneur, Graham Bowall, to tackle the problem.

“This problem is very widespread. People are spending considerable sums of money on products to become successful and then not acting on what they have learned,” explained Bowall. “The main reasons for this are lack of support and accountability. If you buy a product yourself and do nothing with it then nobody is going to give you any heat. Our research shows that people would sooner go and buy another success product instead of taking action.”

This has led to the launch of a new self help audio program called “Your Self Miracle” dedicated to solving the problem of taking action and following through on the advice given. It’s a total success program consisting of nine MP3 audios with powerful techniques which are simple to apply.

“My aim with Your Self Miracle is to help many ordinary people make a success of their lives,” adds Bowall., “Anybody can be successful, it’s just a matter of knowing what you want and how to get it”.

Your Self Miracle is unique because it has a built in follow up and support system. The program uses a “proof of learning and action” technique that monitors the user’s progress from start to finish. Each success audio has a series of actions that must be completed, using the web based system included, before the user can progress to the next success audio. If the user is slow in progressing, the system will prompt them with a series of emails. Most users don’t receive the prompts; just the threat of receiving them and the desire to get to the next success audio is enough.

Industry expert and best selling author, Jim Donovan said "Whether you're new to personal development or have been using success principles for years, "Your Self Miracle" is a must have. It's jam packed with crucial core principles anyone can implement to become more successful in their life, delivered in entertaining chunks of information. And it has a built-in support system to ensure your success. First rate.”

Now the ordinary person can virtually guarantee their success with Your Self Miracle.

Graham Bowall is an entrepreneur who has been helping people succeed for some time. He is available for interviews and can be contacted at

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