Colin Tipping Announces New Online Program: Radical Grieving

Atlanta, GA, August 01, 2013 --( Grief takes so many forms: We grieve everything from missed opportunities to unhappy childhoods to lost loves. But the deepest grief of all is the terrible pain we experience when we lose someone dear to us.

Now Colin Tipping, creator of Radical Forgiveness, has created a new Radical Grieving Online Program focused on bringing relief. The pain of grief is felt in the heart, and only time will mend it. The suffering, however, is in the thoughts and assumptions around the person’s passing. Those can be changed, reducing the overall sensation of grief and shortening the time it takes to heal.

A certification for using this new Online Program with clients will also be offered to Radical Living Coaches and Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioners through The Institute for Radical Forgiveness. This will mean coaches and therapists certified in Radical Grieving will be available for individuals who need more support.

This new online program is available now to anyone seeking relief from suffering. The first certification training for Radical Living Coaches and Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioners will occur in August.

About Colin Tipping and Radical Forgiveness

Colin Tipping is the creator of one of the most powerful tools available for personal and spiritual growth: The Tipping Method for Radical Forgiveness. An inspiring speaker, educator, and author, Colin’s latest book, Expanding into Love, was released earlier this year, adding to more than a dozen titles outlining practical ways to embrace his Radical Living strategies: Radical Forgiveness, Radical Manifestation, Radical Self-Empowerment, and Radical Transformation. To find out more, go to

About The Institute for Radical Forgiveness Therapy and Coaching, Inc.

The Institute for Radical Forgiveness was founded in 1998 and has since trained hundreds of coaches and therapy practitioners who are now helping people heal their lives through Radical Forgiveness and the Radical Living Strategies. To find out more, go to


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