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Global Sources

Promising Growth of Vietnam Lawn and Garden Exports Despite Slow Recovery of Global Economy

Exports to the US are projected to climb significantly this year; shipments to Middle East and Asia-Pacific region continue to boost the sector’s earnings.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, August 02, 2013 --( The non-profit Hinrich Foundation released the Vietnam Sourcing Report: Lawn and Garden with the support of its partner in development, Global Sources (NASDAQ: GSOL).

The Report features profiles of 37 export suppliers with verified manufacturing and production capacity, plus descriptions, prices and packaging details for 197 popular export products ranging from planters to benches.

Report survey results show EU key target export market despite challenges
The survey of Vietnam Lawn & Garden manufacturers featured in the report shows:

* 52 percent of makers will decrease or maintain the quotes for the next year;
* 76 percent expect the sales to increase by 5 percent or more;
* 40 percent will target the EU market; and,
* 35 percent will focus on colorful and elaborate designs.

Monthly total capacity of featured suppliers is 1.12 million pieces.

“As a result of relatively steady demand in the Asia-Pacific region and Middle East, Vietnam suppliers anticipate export sales to increase this year,” said Alex Boome, program director of the Hinrich Foundation.

“In respond to continued slow demand from main export markets, more than half of suppliers we surveyed in the Report plan to keep export quotes stable in the next six months,” Boome said. “Readily available locally sources raw materials will help suppliers hold prices and attract new buyers.”

One exporter featured in the report, Tri Nguyen Quoc, director of Anh Quoc, said: “Our strengths are well-designed products made of eco-friendly materials such as wood and bamboo. We always try to offer buyers not only high quality products but also excellent services.”

Sourcing Reports for Vietnam, India, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Nepal

The Vietnam Sourcing Report: Lawn and Garden is one of a series of Sourcing Reports in Asia.

Other Sourcing Reports available online are:
* Vietnam: Wooden & Bamboo Furniture, Kitchenware, Bags, Baby & Children’s Toys & Garments, Footwear, Ceramic & Porcelain, Garments, Home Decor, Fashion Accessories, Lawn & Garden, Lacquer ware, Indoor & Outdoor Furniture
* India: Ceramics, Craft & Promotional Gifts, Glass & Metal Tableware, Fashion Accessories, Garments & Textiles
* Cambodia: Silk Fashion Accessories
* PhilippinES: Home & Garden Decor, Fashion Jewelry Accessories, Christmas Decorations, Indoor & Outdoor Furniture
* Indonesia: Indoor & Outdoor Furniture, Footwear
* Southeast Asia: Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

The next Sourcing Reports the Foundation expects to publish are Philippines Sourcing Report: Garments and Nepal Sourcing Report: Footwear

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