Success Mentors International Reveals How to Use Hand Gestures Effectively When Doing a Presentation

Saskatoon, Canada, July 31, 2013 --( Success Mentors International (SMI) founder Norm Rebin recently released his top tips for using gestures effectively in a public speech. The article touches on several key aspects of using gestures in a public presentation, with the aim of lessening one's phobia of public speaking. The topics touched on include the importance of using expansive movements when speaking, how gesturing from the shoulder increases the speaker's accessibility, and how matching gestures to tone and content is crucial. As stated in the article, “Opening up your gestures can make you more accessible to your audience.”

Other topics covered include the importance of avoiding clenching your fists and pointing at the audience, and how moving toward the audience can make one seem more at ease in their position. As Norm Rebin discusses, “audiences appreciate a speaker who can move towards and amongst them without fear.”

Success Mentors International is a 41 year old company specializing in training people to be more personally and professionally successful. – often through the power of public speaking. Their tips will help you improve your gestures and hold your audience's attention through your entire presentation.

You can read Norm Rebin's entire article on Ezine Articles here:, and for more public speaking and success tips you can visit the official Success Mentors International website here:
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