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Attleborough, United Kingdom, August 05, 2013 --(PR.com)-- NBC Bird and Pest Solutions are frequently called to sites where gulls are beginning to take over. Swooping down on employers and their staff, visitors or shoppers, they can intimidate at best and, worse still, they can cause injury or harm. Add to this the potential health, safety and injury issues caused by bird droppings on walkways, paths, street furniture and cars, and the scale of the problem begins to feel as menacing as a gull in full attack mode.

NBC Bird & Pest are experienced professionals in all aspects of gull control and have a number of techniques which can diminish and eradicate bird pest problems across a large number of species which are already viewed as being little more than flying outlaws.

Some business or building owners can become so incensed by gull nuisance they are tempted to take matters into their own hands. This is never a good idea for two very good reasons. Firstly, you do not want to be on the wrong side of a nesting gull and the law is very clear on what can and cannot be done. Should the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 be broken, people can find themselves facing up to six months imprisonment or fines at £5000 for each offence - and that's for every nest, egg or bird which is killed or injured.

First, let's take a look at what you cannot do, or should not do. You may not trap gulls and you must not destroy eggs or nests either. It is no longer acceptable to put down poisoned food or shoot at gulls. In very rare circumstances RSPCA trained professionals can cull by shooting. Poison gas is not an option nowadays, either, being regarded as unethical and cruel.

Going up ladders or scaffolding to 'shoo off' gulls should never be attempted. Gulls are determined, fierce defenders of their nests and the whole colony joins in to protect eggs and hatchlings.

One of the first things to stop is feeding birds around a building. In the case of gulls, they will become very aggressive to win the sandwich in someone's hand or to scoop up the kindly meant but inappropriate scattering of scraps.

Making buildings deeply unattractive can be achieved in a number of ways. For example, netting of a guaranteed quality can be fitted by NBC Bird and Pest, so that gulls and other birds find it impossible to get into the small recesses or larger roof spaces they prefer. NBC Bird and Pest can install post and wire systems, with blunt needles and gel spread on surfaces to prevent birds from landing. Another option is for audible scarers to be used which replicate distress calls and fool gulls into thinking something awful awaits on sites which play them.

If you are commissioning a building or altering a structure, ensure your architect understands that designing-in anti-bird measures is part of the brief. This is important to ensure gulls cannot take up residence to protect the air conditioning vents, rain water management systems and solar energy collection systems, from being damaged caused by nesting or guano build-up.

Increasingly over recent years NBC Falconry teams have successfully used birds of prey to intimidate problem species such as gulls to disperse them humanely. Working birds are a regular feature for many town centres, education and leisure facilities, as well as sites where the quick response and natural, channelled aggression of Harris Hawks and other raptors quickly discourages gulls from staying or nesting.

Falcons, nets, gels, design advice, prevention, and protection - every service is provided by NBC Bird and Pest, and their expert local teams are happy to give free advice. They will also visit sites anywhere in the country to recommend services to deal with what can be a distressing and dangerous pest problem. Visit www.nbcbirdandpest.co.uk to find your local Branch and speak to the experts.

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