New Water Consumption Monitoring Service by Smart Rain

Smart Rain is excited to offer a new round-the-clock water monitoring service. The newly developed system aims to help its clients conserve water resources and save money. The company talks about its revolutionary system and its benefits to commercial properties.

Chicago, IL, August 16, 2013 --( Smart Rain, a water management solutions provider in Utah, now offers a state-of-the-art water irrigation monitoring service. It developed this new system to provide a round-the-clock solution in monitoring water usage of commercial properties. This revolutionary irrigation monitoring system allows Smart Rain to live up to its name as a value-based company and to help clients conserve water resources and save money.

The System

According to the company, understanding that the Earth’s most valuable resource is limited gave birth to this innovative system. As every commercial property heavily relies on water for its basic activities, excessive water consumption is a great concern. With advanced technology and Smart Rain’s extensive knowledge in water management, the company designed a unique system that allows it to monitor and control its clients irrigation flow remotely.

The system is made of three items: the Smart Irrigation Controller, the Master Valve, and the Flow Sensor. The controller serves as the brain of the system. It gathers data and is controllable through its GPRS cartridge. The Master Valve is the unit that controls the water flow to different zones, as each zone has its own valve. Lastly, the Flow Sensor senses the rate of water flow, which is responsible in detecting irregular irrigation flow and potential problems in the system.

Smart Rain shares that while most parts of its system are automated, it has a team of water consultants and experts readily available to provide their clients with assistance at any given time.

24/7 Monitoring

One of the company’s advantages is its non-stop irrigation monitoring service. Once all pieces are in place, Smart Rain can manage the property’s irrigation flow and discover problems seconds after they happen. Its round-the-clock monitoring solution helps clients avoid potentially problematic and costly issues.

About Smart Rain

Smart Rain is a premier provider of water consulting, management, and monitoring services. It has a team of experienced water consultants and technicians that help clients avoid excessive water usage and preserve the quality of the property’s landscape.

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