Success Mentors International Reveals How to Control Public Speaking Nerves

Niki Rebin, founder of Success Mentors International, announces her four-step approach for controlling public speaking nervousness. Her method includes deep breathing and muscle relaxation techniques.

Saskatoon, Canada, August 20, 2013 --( Success Mentors International co-founder, and professional speaker, Niki Rebin reveals how it’s possible to control public speaking nerves. Niki Rebin shares her expertise explaining how certain methods are capable of calming your nerves, and thus, helping you succeed in public speaking.

For many, public speaking is often accompanied by nervousness that results in awkward physical side effects. Excessive sweating, visible shaking of hands, a squeaky voice and a churning stomach are but a few of the most dreaded manifestations of nervousness.

Fortunately, Niki Rebin has the solution for controlling public speaking nerves. Her surprising method is to realize you cannot win.

She explains in her recently published article: “Improving Your Presentation Skills: Calming Your Nerves So You Can Succeed in Public Speaking” that people should aim to control nervousness rather than absolutely tame it, otherwise, they won’t grow as public speakers.

No one can completely overcome public speaking nervousness. It’s an integral part of public speaking. In fact, one should relish the nervousness as an energy boost. Niki Rebin explains, “You’d think that after all these years giving speeches and teaching others how to become powerful public speakers, I would go up there and be the most relaxed person in the world. But, I’m not. There’s still a subtle uneasiness and anticipation and that’s what keeps me alert and focused on making each speech a success. Rather than trying to eradicate my nervousness, I channel it constructively in improving my speeches a bit more each time.”

In her informative article, Niki Rebin explains some of her methods for controlling public speaking nerves:

Understanding Nervousness: Here she explains that one first needs to understand why and how public speaking makes people nervous. Once you know how your nervousness is manifested, it’s easier to control it.

Being Fully Prepared: Niki Rebin emphasizes how crucial it is to be prepared for a speech, noting how preparation is the key to being confident and calm when on stage.

Easing Mouth Muscles: The article also focuses on a method for relaxing mouth muscles. This helps to release the tension on one’s face caused by public speaking nerves.

Breathing: Another tip Niki Rebin shares is a breathing technique, which helps release nervousness. She emphasizes that this technique is capable of increasing alertness and improving lung performance. For more information about this technique view the full article at

The key point the article makes is that public speaking nerves cannot be eliminated, but they can be effectively controlled. Following Niki Rebin’s methods for becoming less tense can help tackle public speaking nervousness forever.
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