Biggest Redesign in ProofHub's History

It's all about simplicity, minimalism and focus on one thing at a time. ProofHub have not only re-designed the screens or changed fonts, but have re-designed the ProofHub's overall user experience.

Clifton, NJ, August 21, 2013 --( The new ProofHub has been redesigned to support a clean and smooth look for better viewing. The clutter in the design has been removed. Its two-column layout will provide more space for the users to work freely. They will be able to focus better on their work. They will be witnessing a faster browsing experience. Fonts and icons have been kept simple for soothing effect on the users. The new design is iPad and mobile phone friendly.

Its new proofing tool feature enables faster and accurate proofing of time-critical designs and graphics in a real-time environment. Single or multiple pages of a PDF file can be proofed in one go. Users can suggest design improvements through text and by drawing shapes. Due to the web-based nature of this tool, designers can quickly share design files with their clients who are based in different geographical locations. Design-related projects can be accomplished faster. It is Ipad friendly. It allows the same design to be reviewed by multiple reviewers. It is an intuitive tool. It also enables review, gathering feedback and discussion over rough concepts, story boards, websites, logo designs, wireframes, flowcharts and comps for brochures. Email reminders about design deadlines and other important information can be sent to the individuals involved in the design development process. The need to scrap, rework and repair on the designs gets greatly reduced with its use.

Notes enable the users to take down notes in a convenient manner. A user can collaborate with other users and exchange ideas and views over a matter in a real time environment. They can benefit by sharing knowledge and expertise over important issues.

ProofHub mobile allows a user to connect with a project while on the go. A user can connect with a project from any location in the world and at any time. One can connect directly from a phone browser. A user can receive timely email updates about important project activities on mobile. He can never miss any important information. ProofHub mobile works directly from the user’s phone browser. No apps are required. ProofHub mobile runs efficiently on any tablet or mobile which support iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. A user is able to view all milestones, discussions and to-dos. He can post new comments as well as read old comments. An individual can mark the tasks complete by checking them off.

About ProofHub:

ProofHub is an online project management system that enables management of projects and helps in their faster execution within the stipulated time. It enables the team members who are dispersed globally to collaborate over important project matters. They can discuss actively about them for their quick resolution. Important project matters can be properly defined, documented, discussed, organized, coordinated, reviewed and controlled. Organizational objectives can be achieved effectively with its use. The successful completion of a project results in generation of intended gains and assets which benefits an organization.

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