Download Milestones and Have Them Appear in Desktop/Web-Software Calendar with ProofHub

ProofHub has recently enabled functionality where you can now download calendar in iCal and CSV format for the selected and all projects.

Clifton, NJ, August 22, 2013 --( ProofHub announces that it has enabled functionality where ProofHub users can now download calendar in iCal and CSV format for the selected and all projects.

Whether you're working with simple to-do list or a list of milestones shared across multiple people, the download feature will help you quickly download a CSV file or a spreadsheet for a meeting scheduled to discuss and prioritize the pending milestones, to meet your specific business needs. ProofHub team has made it really simple to download the data in the spreadsheet, a feature always desired by their customers.

Not only does ProofHub allow its customers to download individual project specific milestones, but it also enables them to download combined data across all projects.

ProofHub now allows you to subscribe to your milestones and have them appear in your desktop/web-software Calendar. Each project will also have it’s own iCal feed, but you can also subscribe to all milestones at once by clicking the “ical for all projects” option or download them by clicking “CSV for all projects.”

In order to subscribe to projects individually, go into a project, click the Calendar tab, and click the “ical for this project” link or “CSV for this project” whichever is desired.

“With this upgrade, ProofHub users will not only use milestones to keep track of important project deadlines such as due dates, Assign a milestone to people responsible, view them on their calendar, subscribe to them in iCal (on the Mac), Use dashboard (the ProofHub home page with an overview of your projects) to view upcoming and late milestones, but will be able to download them as and when required by just clicking on download button. So it's a great way to not only keep track, and not miss deadlines, but carry the reports to the meeting for prioritization or a face to face discussion,” says the ProofHub team.

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ProofHub is a collaboration tool that helps to manage and discuss work, communicate together on the same platform with clients and team. ProofHub provides a variety of features and tools that help you to stay connected with your clients and team no matter where you are located. In that sense, ProofHub is one of the best collaborative tools that keeps you, your team and your clients, all on the same page.

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