Schools in San Francisco Open to Students and Head Lice

According to Kim Piker of LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment Service, students are returning to schools in the Bay area after the summer break and some are returning with active cases of head lice. Not everyone has symptoms and families may not even know that their child has head lice.

San Franicsco, CA, September 02, 2013 --( As summer comes to an end, schools in the San Francisco await the arrival of students, knowing that some will be bringing with them those unwanted pest: head lice. LiceDoctors Head Lice Removal Service, with almost 20 years experience, reports that September and October are always the busiest months in terms of head lice infestations.

According to Kim Piker of LiceDoctors, every year with the end of camp and the beginning of school, there are significant outbreaks of head lice. "September is a very busy time for head lice and the most likely candidates for it are children. We are seeing children from all over the Bay Area who are affected by lice."

Ms. Piker attributes the increase largely to a growing resistance to the chemical treatments. "We receive calls every day from families who have treated their children unsuccessfully with the chemical shampoos. Often the parents think that their children are then lice and nit-free, but if there are even tiny nits or bugs left, the case is still in an active phase." In addition, school nurses check students' heads for head lice when they return to school, often detecting cases that have been festering over the summer. Not everyone has symptom of head lice; some children have it and do not itch at all.

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Wendy Beck