Campbell Global Network Introduces Series of Webinars

The Resource Center, in collaboration with the HRD Training Unit, announced its webinar offerings this 4th quarter.

London, United Kingdom, September 04, 2013 --( Webinar: “A Leader or Follower? Which one are you?”
Gain insights on what it entails to be one of today’s trusted online brokers and what self-pointed investors are anticipating and needing from you. Campbell Global Network’s Stephanie Sharp, Online Trading Services and John Dwyer of Investor Relations share their thoughts and tips on this.

Webinar: “Penetrating the India Market”
India is recognized as one of the fastest expanding markets in regards to population and disposable income, as an outcome, the country’s retail brokerage is ready to hit the ceiling. Companies getting ready to diversify their offerings, render excellent and technologically innovative services, and conquer infrastructure hindrances will possibly dominate as the market strengthens and matures. Renowned speakers include Andrew Cantrell, Chief of Investment Services; Edward Calhoun, Products & Services VP; and Amanda Donovan, Business Development Chief.

Webinar: “Comprehending Price Movements for Cognizant Trading Decisions”
Gain a grasp of price movements to make cognizant trading decisions online tutorial to know how to utilize practical analysis to:
- Discover trade possibilities –recognize who’s ready to move
- Substantiate your decisions and choices – grasping what the price movement is telling you
- Improve Managing Risk –maximizing strengths and outgrowing weaknesses

Webinars will be available by the end of the month.

About the Campbell Global Network
Campbell Global Network strives to provide services and products that would meet your options and futures needs. Campbell Global Network exerts its resources to cater to various clients: from Hedgers handling innate price risk in physical and financial commodities, from crude oil to coffee, to bonds and stock indexes and everything in-between, as well as customers wanting to broaden their financial strengths through Managed Funds, or entities wanting to execute trading approaches they have created or conceptualized.
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