Campbell Global Network’s Daniel Sutton Shares Thoughts on Value Investing

Daniel Sutton, Campbell Global Network Investment Management Unit Chief shared his thoughts on value investing in the soon to be released on-line tutorials for the novice and seasoned investor.

London, United Kingdom, September 06, 2013 --( Value investing’s following continues to grow as the markets become complicated and risky. For long-term investors or those thinking about diversifying their investment portfolio, the niggling questions are where to start, what to do, and most decisively is what to buy? The direction towards finding underrated stocks is strategic:
- The pursuit of underrated stocks can be rigorous and many research tools are not helping either, burdening investors with the analysis
- Self-managed investors require a tool that integrates various value investing dynamics including cash on hand, past earnings per share growth sales, dividend trace, debt equity ratios, and other aspects that are essential ingredients in arriving at a good value investment

An established investments expert, Mr. Sutton’s lectures will give guidelines on the means to recognize value stocks by label or sector, how to include value investing stocks to one’s general investing strategy for portfolio diversification, and timing it right. Part of the lecture is identifying the right places to find value. The timing has to be right and the place to look for has to be also right.

“When the On-line Resource Center first brought up the idea on the lecture, I was ecstatic. It gave me the opportunity to share with the world important learning that I know will be beneficial,” shared Keith. The on-line tutorial is in its final editing phases and is scheduled to be launched in the coming months.

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