LiceDoctors Sees Records Levels of Super Lice in Seattle and Tacoma

Seattle, WA, September 06, 2013 --( LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment Service reports that it is seeing record numbers of cases of head lice in the Seattle and Tacoma areas of Washington. Karen Sokoloff, owner of LiceDoctors, reports that lice are mutating and becoming highly resistant to chemical treatments and have earned the name "super lice."

According to Ms. Sokoloff, when parents apply chemical shampoos to the hair, they often think that the child is then lice and nit free. In fact, the bugs have become highly resistant to the chemicals. In addition, the nit has a very hard shell which prevents penetration of the chemical into the shell and protects the baby louse.

As children all over the Seattle and Tacoma area settle back into their school routines, some of them are carriers of lice and do not even realize it. Many times, parents treat their children with chemicals and then assume that the child is no longer contagious. Ms. Sokoloff says that even one or two nits left in the hair means that the case is still active.

To eradicate a case of head lice often requires professional assistance to ensure that all the nits are properly removed. For further information about LiceDoctors at-home head lice treatment and nit removal service in Seattle and surrounding areas call 206-316-8637 or go to Don't let super lice win the battle.
Wendy Beck