Success Mentors International Releases Public Speaking Advice for Writing a Successful Speech

Niki Rebin, co-founder of Success Mentors International (SMI), reveals her top tips for writing a presentation that engages audiences in her latest article titled "Training In Public Speaking: 5 Tips For Writing Your Speech."

Saskatoon, Canada, September 05, 2013 --( Success Mentors International co-founder Niki Rebin shares valuable public speaking advice in her latest article: she explains what makes a speech effective and offers tips on how to make a speech truly engaging.

Speakers often focus so much on giving their presentation that they neglect a key aspect of delivering a successful speech: writing it. Lifetime professional speaker Niki Rebin explains that without an audience-centred speech, your ideas cannot be communicated effectively, no matter how valuable they might be.

In her article, Niki Rebin illustrates four fundamental requirements of writing successful speeches:

1. Being In Control Of One’s Speech
2. Smart Writing
3. Using Narratives Not Numbers
4. Moving Around

The public speaking advice she shares with readers suggests that the speaker needs to fully understand that they’re the ones pulling the strings.

“No one will notice if you skip a key point or forget to mention a funny story in the second half of your speech because they never knew what you were going to say. You, the speaker, are totally in control of the presentation,” states the professional speaker. Niki Rebin emphasizes that once the speaker realizes the power they hold over their speech and audience, they can gain the confidence to carry it out well.

Another inside tip the co-founder of Success Mentors International shares is the importance of good narratives dispersed throughout a speech. Elaborating on her tip, Niki Rebin said,

“A naturally flowing speech needs short, impactful stories. A speech shouldn’t be considered as a passive practice for the listener. Engage them in your speech, address and interact with them. That’s what makes speeches successful.”

She advises speakers to avoid using too many numbers and statistics, as these often confuse readers.

An article highlight is the suggested technique of moving around the stage. The public speaking advice is that speakers should adopt a smart and intuitive moving technique that benefits both audience and speaker. It helps the audience stay focused on the speech while it allows the speaker to re-energize before moving to key parts of the presentation.

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