Rosalyn Kahn Joins a Panel to Present Her Gifts on Public Speaking

Rosalyn Kahn steps up to a Panel Presentation. Rosalyn Kahn Professor of Santa Monica joined Marion Claire an Author of a “Sexy Speaker” to address the audience at Rancho Palms Library. The two discussed the two sides of giving a speech from content to delivery.

Los Angeles, CA, September 12, 2013 --( Rosalyn Kahn, a community college Speech Instructor and Professional Speaker, gave a repeat performance on “How to Deliver a More Powerful Speech.” This time, the audience included those in Culver City. The room was packed with a large audience--on a holiday weekend.

Participants were able to learn the technique of “How to Assemble an Effective Speech.” Rosalyn is an especially talented story teller and a major believer in Random Acts of Kindness. Examples were included in the talk as a way to encourage the audience members to follow their passion in a similar direction. She noted that speaking from the heart is an easy way to have the words just flow out of your mouth. It simply takes all the fear out of the equation of the speech giving process.

The second half of the talk featured Marion Claire, an accomplished author who shared with the delivery of the speech working on the nonverbal elements. She engaged the audience in overcoming the fear and gave practical tips on how to prepare for a speech by seeking out information about your audience before the event. In addition, movement and gestures were also discussed.

One of Professor Kahn's current students shared, "I truly enjoyed seeing you outside the classroom. You not only told us how to give a speech but showed us the process as you did so. Another participant who attended the workshop, an author, a former columnist for the Argonaut, said, "I really enjoyed your presentation today at the Palms Rancho Park Library—your enthusiasm and passion are contagious. I hope you continue to spread your joy and passion to all your audiences.”
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