Bühler’s Firm Commitment to Sustainable Rice Processing

“We aim to ensure that every kilogram of paddy that is grown and farmed, is converted in the most efficient and cost effective manner, into high quality products and by-products for our customers.” -Nick Wilkins, head of rice processing at Bühler.

London, United Kingdom, September 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Speaking on Sustainability in Rice Processing, Nick Wilkins outlined the challenges facing the rice industry and Bühler’s on-going commitment, as a global leader in rice processing and optical sorting solutions, to help rice processors improve the sustainability of their operations, by reducing their energy, air and water costs, and by boosting their productivity and profits.

In particular, he focussed on Bühler’s new UltraLine range of rice processing equipment, whose high-capacity and energy-efficiency sets new standards in sustainable rice processing.

With forty to fifty per cent of the world’s population dependent on rice as a staple food and that rice consuming population predicted to grow by around two billion by 2050, it is likely that another 100 million tonnes of rice per year will be needed to feed our growing global population by 2030.

“That is about a twenty five per cent increase on where we are now,” said Nick, who stressed that land availability for rice growing was expected to decrease during the next few decades and that an increase in rice yield from farming was therefore unlikely to accommodate the growth needed in rice volumes.

“On top of this, there are significant losses in the whole food chain, and around forty per cent of rice is actually lost in the production process. This situation, coupled with an increase in energy costs, means that sustainability and sustainable rice processing is going to be critical,” said Nick.

He emphasised that solutions require innovation: innovation in products and processes as well as plant engineering and design. “At Bühler, we aim to ensure that every kilogram of paddy that is grown and farmed is converted in the most efficient and cost effective manner into high quality products and by-products for our customers. As a company we spend four to five per cent of our turnover in basic research and applied development, which is significantly above the industry average. We partner with our customers to develop solutions that give better performance, better efficiency and that encourage sustainability within the industry.”

It is Bühler’s commitment to sustainability and partnership coupled with its ongoing dedication to excellence in rice processing and helping its customers achieve lasting success that is the driving force behind the development of its new UltraLine range.

The first two UltraLine machines are the UltraPoly™ for rice polishing, which allows millers to polish rice at almost twice the capacity of previous machines; and the UltraWhite™ for advanced whitening that couples a capacity of 9 to 12 tonnes per hour with reduced space requirements and lower energy use.

Both the UltraPoly™ and UltraWhite™ can handle high capacity processing loads with unparalleled energy efficiency. They are the first of several solutions planned in Bühler’s UltraLine range, which reinforces the company’s leading position in delivering innovative, energy efficient technology solutions to rice processors. These will eliminate losses, reduce waste, increase yield and achieve lasting success – both now and in the future.

Bühler's commitment to encouraging the adoption of sustainable rice processing is just one of the many ways that Bühler demonstrates its leading position as the technology partner of choice for rice processors who value excellence.

For further information, listen to Nick’s comments in his podcast on FERM’s Rice Convention website http://www.focusbiz.co.uk/erc/audio/buhlermain.mp3
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