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Atlanta, GA, September 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) continues to build upon its expertise in the healthcare vertical as Millennia Patient Services launches a new brand and website. MPS is a leading, Georgia based provider of solutions that specializes in perfecting the revenue cycle management process to medical facilities and medical services providers.

MPS has established comprehensive solutions designed to create efficiencies in the patient billing process and increase patient accounts receivable revenue recovery. All of the MPS products and services are designed to accelerate patient revenue recovery while safeguarding the patient relationship. MPS’s 180 Recovery service is a state-of-the art patient billing/pre-collection solution, customized to maximize recovery of outstanding patient balances of non-defaulted patient accounts that are outstanding under 180 days. MPS’s Patient Payment Program (P3) can be utilized by front-office personnel when patient care expenses are greater than their ability to immediately settle. This proprietary online system enables a practice to quickly set up monthly payment arrangements with patients according to their ability to pay. Millennia Collections (MC), a patient only collection agency which focuses 100% on patient collections, making MC one of the leading medical collection agencies Nationwide. Fore-Sight offers current and future glimpses into a MPS client’s patient accounts receivables. Using algorithms based patient demographics, past patient receivables history, specific medical specialty, as well as proprietary in-house data; Fore-Sight is able to provide MPS’s clients an analytical look at current as well as future patient accounts receivables.

Junction collaborated closely with Samara Keaton, MPS co-founder and COO, to develop improvements to the company’s existing brand and website that reflected the vision and personality of the company and MPS team of professionals.

“MPS is an established leader in the field, “comments Julie Gareleck, CEO & Managing Partner, Junction. “The new brand is a reflection of just how far the business has grown. We wish the MPS team much success and look forward to a continued partnership as the business grows.”

In addition to the new logo and website, the Junction Team coordinated the design and implementation of the new improvements across both traditional and digital marketing collateral in order to facilitate and enhance the connection with MPS’s and their growing client base.

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About Millennia Patient Services
Millennia Patient Services (MPS) is the leading provider of patient revenue cycle management products and services for the healthcare industry. MPS has established comprehensive solutions designed to create efficiencies in the patient billing process and increase patient receivable revenue recovery. Accountability and 100% visibility are the bedrock of Millennia Patient Services (MPS) in setting the standards for healthcare industry sustainability through recovering patient receivables, protecting the patient-provider relationship, comprehensive reporting and forecasting, and custom, budget-conscious payment options for patients.
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