Freedom Pack USA Announces Money-Saving U.S. Citizenship Kit

Freedom Pack USA Kit is an all-in-one US Naturalization Guide that assists you on Becoming a US Citizen. Includes N-400 application, Instructions, sample Civics test, and more.

Orlando, FL, September 22, 2013 --( The Freedom Pack Kit is a complete, comprehensive guide to assist individuals with Permanent Residency status to easily obtain U.S. Citizenship.

The complete U.S citizen naturalization application Kit allows qualified applicants to save time and money, often times unnecessarily spent on attorney legal fees, guide books or hours of online research. The Citizenship Kit contains everything you need to begin and complete your US Naturalization application process.

Included within the kit is an N-400 application, reference pages for the N-400 application, sample Civics questions and study guide, and relevant forms and video tutorials contained in a set of 7 DVDS and 2 Audio CDS, with clear and concise step by step instructions on how to complete all forms provided. The kit also contains an English Language Study Guide with English words, phrases and sentences for the English written and verbal examination.

Along with sample test questions, the interactive DVDs and CDs walk the user through the Naturalization process from the interview to the Oath of Allegiance, outlining important points such as how to act, what to expect, and how to further prepare for the procedure. Furthermore, the Freedom Pack USA kit offers bilingual study guide in English and Spanish, making this invaluable information more accessible to Spanish speakers as well.

Avoid delay or possible denial of a USCIS Citizenship application. Get the Freedom Pack USA kit today.
Freedom Pack USA
Jamie Park