Donna Marie Thompson, PhD CEO of Expert Profit Solutions Guided Small Business Owners on Results and Measures in Business Management and Business Success

Effective small business management revolves around knowing how what you’re doing directly affects the bottom line. The Peak Profit PotentialTM Mastermind led by Donna Marie Thompson, small business profitability specialist and creator of The Profit PyramidTM, explored the pitfalls of measures that interfere with business process success. Many entrepreneurs measure the wrong things for the wrong reasons. Effective measures are the foundation for peak profits in your business strategy.

Washington, DC, September 25, 2013 --( Donna Marie Thompson, PhD guided a group of proactive and committed small business owners and entrepreneurs on two key topics in business management and business success: results and measures and their impact on the bottom line.

According to Dr. Thompson in the Peak Profit Potential Mastermind group: "Only after you know the specific, verifiable results that you want for business growth can you begin to design effective performance management systems and tools. And then you need to test them, and test them again. This is an essential component in informed and data-driven business decision making for today’s business leaders.”

According to Dr. Thompson: "Done right, the key business measures you use can lead to high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as to high business profits. The two facets must work together in a sustainable and scalable business. It takes business leadership to do both and only the most successful small business owners and entrepreneurs are doing it now."

The Peak Profit Potential Mastermind session on Results and Measures addressed: “key issues facing every small business owner and the need for an unrelenting focus on cost control even as you seek business growth and delivering exceptional customer value. What else do you need to know to boost your profits?" commented Dr. Thompson.

The business owners freely commented on the challenges they face on cost management and business growth issues. The mastermind format enabled small business owners to formulate revised performance management strategies in collaboration with their peers in search of increased profits.

Dr. Thompson remarked: "Measure, measure, measure to design customer benefits that they appreciate – with a purchase order. Watch your costs and tie them directly to results and customer value. Otherwise new business processes and features and their associated costs will hurt your bottom line and bleed on your income statement."

The next Peak Profit Potential Mastermind is designed around customer value.

Donna Marie Thompson, PhD, MBA, CPA is an acclaimed platform and cruise ship speaker, a two-time best-selling author, and former Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting. She is a small business profitability specialist who created The Profit PyramidTM and runs powerful Peak Profit Potential webinars, mastermind, and training programs.

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